Background and touring

Growing up  with a piano.

Jon Pold started playing classical piano at the age of 5, consequently leading to medals & competitions at "The Royal Danish Conservatory".

By the age of 11 he no longer felt passionate about the instrument and put it to rest. During these years he developed a love of music from Genesis, Metallica, Cream, Iron Maiden, King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie and Yes.

His father, Henning Pold, an accomplished bass player and composer toured Scandinavia through most of his childhood and his mother wrote lyrics.

Level 42

Shortly before his 17th birthday he experienced a live concert with Mark Kings "One Man" tour and never really forgot that night. Being from a family of bassplayers and musicians, he later that year borrowed his fathers bass, Marshall Stack and started playing. Jon was inspired by the thump of Mark King and Stanley Clarke and got more and more gigs within this musical genre.

Marcus Miller

In 2008 Jon got the opportunity to play a concert before Marcus Miller during his tour.

Marcus Miller was very informal and down to earth. "What's up ?, I'm Marcus. Is it Okay if I jam with you guys during sound check?"

Millers cool persona was also evidenced in his his positive feedback after the tour wishing Jon the best of luck with his career.

Other projects

Jon Pold played in progrock band Euzen (DK,NO) during 2008-2013, subsequentely touring extensively in Germany, Denmark, Holland, and Russia.

In 2013 he joined Sylvester Larsens band, co-wrote several radio singles and toured Denmark and Germany.

Jon Pold Synergy

Since 2015, he used his spare time on his future EP-release "Synergy", that was released in 2017. The album featured mostly instrumental bass-driven songs and was played frequently on Modern Jazz radio.  

Not content, Jon buckled down and submerged himself in songwriting and production for almost two years and in 2019 he relased the first full lenght album "ON".

This album received praise and great reviews from journalists in the UK, USA, Germany & Denmark.

In 2020 JON POLD SYNERGY will release the first single from the next album.




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