Jon Pold Synergy - discovering the space between Funk and Progressive Rock music.

Synergy is about groovy and exiting songwriting with melancholic melodies and a love of British rock and funk.

Jon Pold Synergy was founded in 2016 by Danish bass player, producer and vocalist, Jon Pold.

In 2017 he released his first EP, “Synergy”, and performed several concerts in Denmark, released two music videos and received praise and airplay on Jazz Radios in the USA, South Africa and South America.

Their first single “When Gods Die”- an energetic and melancholic song about the loss of heroes, became the first single to pull the songwriting into both Progressive Rock, World and pop realm.

Two subsequent singles “The Great Divide” and “Hush” followed with even more streams, views and attention from

primarily Germany & the USA.

On April 2nd Jon Pold Synergy released their first full length album “ON”, featuring 8 tracks exploring subjects such as misogyny, racism, suicide, corruption, sorrow and frailty.

They received great reviews of both the album and live performances.

The assertive instrumental work, combined with melancholic and melodic vocals makes "ON" a unique album.

The band, consisting of Kristian Uhre, Henrik Borlev, Rasmus Krøyer and Mads Klinke strive for musical excellence and their inspirations make the music diverse and alternative, while still searching for that beautiful "Hook line".

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