JON POLD  Bass Player, Vocalist, Composer & Producer

Jon has always been a fan of delicious bass tones and use fretted, fretless, upright and the Chapman Stick in his quest for more tonal and dynamic colours. His focus has always been on playing with a focused tone, providing the foundation and groove.

His style also encompasses chording and other specialized techniques - letting the bass be "all that it can be" has always been his mission. The style can often be described as a mix of Funk, Jazz music and Progressive Rock.

Singing, arranging & producing music is something that Jon loves to submerge himself in.



Ernie Ball Music Man basses

10-string Chapman Stick

Dingwall Z3 bass.

NS 5-string Omnibass

Aguilar DB751

Vanderkley Cabs

Genzler Cabs


During the years JP has played everything from jazzfusion, pop-gigs, funk to world and Progrock.

He has played/toured/recorded with several bands/artists including:

Euzen, The Living dream, Robben Ford Project, Søren Berlev, Royal Pets, Anne Marie Bush, M.I.L.O.

JP is currently active with:

Jon Pold Synergy

Chief 1

Sylvester Larsen

Chili Machine

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